NCWC Inc. Cebu And Their Extensive Service Plans


Most people first enter the world of vehicle ownership because it gives them freedom and independence. Unfortunately, what all vehicle owners are bound to learn at some point is that vehicle ownership comes with a price. Not only does every vehicle come with routine maintenance requirements, they are also in need of repairs at some point, and many of those repairs don’t come cheap. From basic to comprehensive, there are vehicle service plans that can help guard against those unexpected and costly repairs, and companies like NCWC Inc. Cebu can help.

Why Use NCWC INC.?

When it comes to choosing which extended automobile service plan company to commit too, there are most certainly many in the market to choose from. While many offer similar plans, where most differ is in the claims process and level of customer service.

NCWC Inc. Philippine branch has helped set the industry standard with their flexible, efficient and simple claims processing, as well as their top-notch customer service. The NCWC team has one common priority: to meet the needs of their clients by providing a variety of service plan options and delivering them with knowledgeable, experienced, and professional assistance.

NCWC Service Plans

With four main types of service plans that cover a variety of drivers, vehicle types, and budgets, NCWC has tailored their plans to satisfy each and every customer. From basic to comprehensive, their Select Coverage plan, Engine Coverage plan, Powertrain Coverage, and Powertrain Enhanced Coverage has something to offer everyone at an affordable and sustainable rate.

Select Coverage Plan

The Select Coverage plan is a full-coverage plan that is recommended for newer vehicles, as it guards against the repairs most likely to be needed by the vehicle’s crucial components. It gives vehicle owners the peace of mind of knowing they are protected against many of the major repair bills vehicle owners face at one time or another throughout their ownership.

Engine Coverage Plan

The Engine Coverage plan is perfect for older vehicles with higher-mileage levels as it guards against the high cost of engine repairs most likely to be necessary in older vehicles. This type of coverage plan will pay to replace/repair engine parts that are covered. This plan is not as comprehensive as some other plans, but for those on a budget, the Engine Coverage plan provides peace of mind at an affordable and sustainable rate.

Powertrain Coverage

The Powertrain Coverage plan covers the transmission, engine, and the drive axles. These vehicle components are among the most costly to repair and are also the vehicle components that tend to sustain the most wear and tear during regular use. The Powertrain plan is most recommended for those whose vehicles are still under the manufacturer’s warranty and are likely to be kept on the road after the warranty expires. Although this plan does not cover routine repairs and maintenance, vehicle owners enjoy the ultimate peace of mind of knowing their powertrain and covered parts are protected.

Powertrain Enhanced Coverage

The Powertrain Enhanced coverage plan includes everything the aforementioned Powertrain Coverage plan does: engine, transmission, and drive axles. In addition, it also covers the air conditioning, electrical, steering and brakes.

If you are looking to limit the stressful aspect of vehicle ownership by being proactive and investing in an extended service plan, give NCWC Inc. Cebu Branch a call today for your free service plan quote and to discuss which plan best suits your vehicle, driving, and budget. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your pocketbook and vehicle are protected when it comes time for those unexpected repairs that plague every vehicle owner from time to time.