Starting a Scrap Car Removal Service in Toronto: Legal Requirements You Need to Fulfill


Starting a car removal service in Toronto may seem like a straight forward process. People are looking to get rid of their junk cars, right? And they are paying you to do it on their behalf? While it may seem like a very good business idea, there are several legal requirements that you must fulfill before you can start one. By weighing these requirements you’ll easily decide whether to enter this business or not.

  1. Clear Common Regulatory Hurdles

First, you need to check out all the regulatory hurdles. When it comes to starting any business, there are state, local and federal laws that you must fulfill especially if you are intending to deal with hazardous wastes such as the scrap cars. Once you know these, you can plan on how to go about everything.

  1. Apply For A Business Certificate

Before applying for a scrap car removal license, you need to prove that you have every reason to operate your business. You can prove that you need such a license if you already have customers who require your services and if you know exactly where you are going to operate your vehicle. To apply for a business license, you need to request an application form from your county business clerk, fill it and wait for the approval.

  1. Have All Your Business Information Ready

Before applying for that certificate it’s important to have several other business documents ready. For instance, you’ll need to apply for a sales tax identification number, a certificate of occupancy, and a copy of your fingerprints.

  1. Apply For A Scrap Car Removal License

Next, you need to go to your local government licensing center and then fill in all the required information that they need. You may also be required to include license and processing fees with your application. Before filling the form, ensure that you read the application in its entirety so that you don’t miss any regulations or fees.

  1. Get Insurance Coverage

If you are operating in a site that’s open to the public, you need to cover all your liability issues. At the very minimum, make sure that the customers sign liability waivers before entering the site. By getting the insurance coverage, you’ll also be able to recoup the costs in case of natural disasters or theft.

  1. Consult An Expert

Talk to your attorney or any business expert to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation that is required to start the business. You can ask them about tax, occupational safety, licenses and everything that you need to run the business. Remember that if you have more than one employee, there are some safety standards that you may need to comply with.

Basically, the above-highlighted are some of the most important legal requirements that you need to fulfill when starting a scrap car removal in Toronto. Remember, the best thing to do is ensure that you follow all the laws are requirements so that your business can run smoothly.