The Different Models Of Ford Trucks


When choosing a new truck it is important to go through and view all of your options. You might be a long time truck owner or new to the concept of owning a truck completely, but either way there are a lot of different Ford Trucks available that you have probably never even seen or heard of.

In this article we are going to go through a couple of different truck models, list a few aspects of that truck model, and hopefully by the end of the story you will know which truck you want to call yours for the next few years.

First on the list is the Ford Ranger. Ford Rangers have been around for a very long time and they are easily one of the most reliable trucks that you can get.

A Ford Ranger was one of the first trucks that Ford released and some people still own a much older generation of the Ranger if they are the type to take very good care of their trucks.

This a model you can definitely count on running for decades, you might even be able to pass the truck down to the grand kids.

Next up is the Ford F-150. This is a newer model for anyone who loves the older models but need more power in the engine.

This model can be used for long travels up mountains and around different terrains and can tow boats, other cars, or even small rvs when they are hooked up properly to the back of your truck. This is definitely the truck you use for more heavy duty work but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a great family vehicle either.

The 2019 Super Duty is one of the biggest and toughest models that we have available for purchase in this series.

With a name like Super Duty you can definitely expect some heavy work to get done. You can travel long uphill roads, rough terrain, and carry thousands of pounds hooked up to the back of your truck without it slowing you down.

This is the truck for anyone who is always on the move or who has a job where they are required to move heavy objects around.

And then we have the 2019 F-150 Raptor. This is a lot like the previous 1-150 that we talked about above, but it’s a lot faster and more suited for traveling. This is the adventure vehicle that you have always been looking for.

You can explore the mountains and snow, or the dessert and muddy roads without worrying about getting stuck or losing control of your truck. But while it is the best vehicle for traveling, it comes with the biggest expense of the trucks on this list.

Ford Trucks have a normal price range and for what you are getting out of the deal, it’s not a lot for the company to ask for. The trucks in this list are introduced with Low to High prices, the first truck is listed to start at $24k, the second truck has a starting price of $28k, the third one is set to $33k, and the last one starts around $52k.

But again, considering all that you get with each of these trucks, and depending on what you want the truck for, the prices are very cheap compared to other car dealerships.

Whether you want a family vehicle like the Ford Ranger, or a work vehicle like the 2019 Raptor, you are sure to find what suits you at Ford.