Three Reasons To Upgrade Your Car With HID Headlights


One of the biggest reasons why people decide to choose HID headlights is due to more extensive and higher illumination than other types that are currently available on the market. You should know that not all high-intensity discharge headlamps feature Xenon as the gas that creates light.

Some of them feature metal halide, Mercury vapors, sodium vapor, ceramic metal halide, and many more. At the same time, it is essential to remember that all car applications feature Xenon, but not all of them will use this particular gas entire time.

Therefore, it is vital to understand how HID headlights work in the first place.

How Do HID Lights Operate?

The standard way of describing HID lights is through understanding how Xenon acts in combination with electricity inside your car. We are talking about metal halide lamps that feature Xenon gas used to produce proper amount of light after power-up.

You have probably seen the bluish color that goes from the vehicle that passes you, which means that regular HID headlamps feature higher light output per amount of electricity used.

Therefore, you will experience a greater luminous efficiency that will provide you a clear sight of things in front of you without blinding peripherals as well.

When compared with traditional headlights used in vehicles such as SAE and ECE standard, we can see that the more illumination is allowed as well as required for specific situations.

The best way to learn everything about ECE regulations is by checking here.

Since the energy required running this particular type of headlights do not require low-voltage DC, you will need a power pack with internal or external igniter that will control the current inside the bulbs.

If you have in mind that cars use the 12-volt electrical system for lamps, it means that you will need 20 thousand volts to ignite the bulbs and 85 volts to maintain the intensity. However, the ballast is vital part of the system that regulates the voltage used.

We can differentiate three phases of powering this particular type of headlights:

  • Ignition – First, the ignition is necessary because when high voltage pulse sparks the gas, it creates a tunnel of current that will raise the temperature rapidly, providing you an illumination.
  • Initial Phase – During this particular process, the metallic salts tend to vaporize, and the resistance between electrodes will fail.
  • Continuous Operation – The ballast will take the process and create a constant operation when all metal salts enter the vapor, and as a result, you will get the arc of light in stable shape and high efficiency when compared with other types.

Check out this link: to understand everything  about international standards that will explain you everything about headlights and potential upgrades.

Reasons To Install HID Headlights

1.     Energy Efficiency

Remember that HID headlights tend to have higher energy efficiency when compared with other options that you can find on the market. At the same time, you will be able to get the upgrade that will provide you four times more efficient solutions than halogen source.

In typical settings, HID bulbs can generate up to 110 lm of light per watt, while halogen ones can reach up to 25 lm per watt. Therefore, you should know that they consume 25% less energy when compared with the ones you are currently using.

2.     They Will Stand the Test of Time

It is useless to upgrade headlights to have to do it repeatedly due to lousy solution you have found. Therefore, you can rest assured because HID bulbs can operate up to 3000 hours of operation, which means that they will last longer than vehicle you are using.

You will be able to use it for at least a hundred thousand miles, which is essential to remember. However, if you notice that they have lost some of brightness with time, you should replace them or start planning the upgrade.

As soon as you decide to watch this video, you will be able to learn the differences between HID and LED headlights.

3.     Amazing Appearance

From the very beginning, HID headlights have been associated with luxury, which means that when you decide to install them, you will be able to increase the value of your car.

Since the prices are not as high as before, you will be able to upgrade your headlights by yourself if you do not have enough budgets for paying for professionals.

In both cases, you will have a more sophisticated vehicle with cleaner appearance when compared with halogen lamps that beam yellowish lights.