Tips for buying used cars in socal


Everyone wants to own a car, but buying a new car may not be feasible for many due to the price. For many people, the dream of buying a car remains as a dream because they think they cannot afford one. But that’s not true. If you cannot own a new car, then just go for a more economical option that is a pre-owned car.

But when it comes to pre-owned cars, many feel it will be a waste of money, because used cars demand a lot of expenditure on its’ repairs. This is true to some extent if you do not know how to buy a used car.

If you lack the knowledge about cars, then you will surely land up buying damaged, used cars which will suck you dry of your finances. So, how do to buy the perfect car?

In this post, we will highlight a few tips which will help you to buy used cars in socal, and you can be assured that they are good as a new car.

1.  Check Exteriors

The first thing you should check before buying a used car is that, the look of the exteriors. We all want a car that does not look a scrap material. Look out for scratches and dents. Used cars will always have scratches, but if you notice the car has too many scratches and many dents, then don’t buy this car.

2.  Check car papers

Check the vehicle identification number, car insurance papers, and also check if the car has any pending tickets against it. If the papers are not up to date, then do not buy such cars.

3.  Check oils and breaks

Before buying a car checks if the engine oil, coolant oil, etc. The oil should be clean and free from any dirt or debris. If the oil is black, then there might be an internal problem with the engine.

4.  Look out for black smoke

Before buying the car, start the engine and accelerate keeping the gear in neutral. If you see black smoke puffing out of the exhaust, then there might be some problem with the engine pistons. If you see black smoke, then it’s a big NO.

Follow the above checklist before buying a pre-owned car. If you find all the above pointers are qualifying, then it’s a good car to buy.