What is the Importance and uses of Wheelchair Lifts?


Wheelchair lift, also known as vertical platform lift or just platform lift, is a device that is designed in such a fashion that it can lift a wheelchair over a platform so that the person who is bound on the wheelchair can overcome any kind of a vertical barrier or a step. It is a fully powered device which is a boon for people who are bound to wheelchairs.

Where can you find such lifts?

The wheelchair lifts can be installed anywhere, like in homes for personal use or to meet the needs of the physically-challenged people so that they don’t feel left out. These wheelchair lifts are also installed in public as well as private transportation to make it easy for handicapped people. These lifts are installed in houses in place of the normal stair lift because this lift enables a person to transfer the wheelchair along with the person which is not possible by normal stair lifts.

More about such lifts:

The Americans Disability Act was passed in the year of 1990 in the United States of America. With this act, it was made compulsory that all the transportation vehicles must be equipped with such lifts so that the people having wheelchairs can also have proper access. This act came into service from July 1, 1993. In 1993, around 29,033 transportation buses in the United States were acquired with wheelchair buses which accounted for more than 52% of the total transportation buses in the States.

Recent technologies have allowed in the development of the wheelchair lift in such a way that helps people who are entering in truck cabs, so that they are able to operate heavy equipment or may even drive. These lifts are also able to transfer an unoccupied scooter into a vehicle.