What Should You Do Immediately after a Car Accident?


You need to take specific actions immediately aftermath a car accident which will significantly help you in your present well-being as well as in future personal injury claim. The first thing after a crash is to check yourself and other co-passengers for any injury, and if you or others are hurt, you need to immediately call for medical help and must never move anybody without medical assistance. Eventually, you will obviously need the assistance of an experienced lawyer such as Grand Junction Car Accident Lawyer for claiming compensation but prior to that, you need to perform other immediate actions such as calling to police, stay at the scene of the accident, not moving the car or other parts of the car, collecting the other driver’s insurance information, calling your insurance agency, seeking medical attention if you or your co-passengers got severe injuries etc.

At any cost, if you or any of your co-passengers got injured because of the car crash, you need to call the police. If in the case you feel fine along with your co-passengers, still it is good to call the police and report about the accident. Filing a report to the police will not help the insurance company but it will also strengthen your case.

Secondly, you need to stay at the scene of the accident and should never quit the place at any cost. It will be a “hit and run” case of breaking the law if you fail to remain at the scene and you can be charged with criminal case of “leaving the scene of an accident”. However, if the car crash is minor fender-benders with no injury or alcohol, you can move the car out from the traffic to a safe location. On the other hand, if there are injuries, you should never attempt to move the car from the crash site.