Why Car Owners Should Consider A Vehicle Service Contract Like Veritas Global Protection


A variety of reasons may prompt a car owner to consider a vehicle service contract: high-mileage driving; poor road conditions of a particular region; having to deal with tight budgets with no disposable income; the presence of high-tech components in the car; and so on. No matter what the reason, a vehicle service contract or extended auto warranty is chosen for one purpose only: to avoid expensive repair bills in case of a breakdown. 

Yes, for new cars, there is the car manufacturer’s warranty. But the warranty covers only certain parts of the vehicle, and of course, once it expires, you’ll have to fend for yourself when it comes to any auto repair bill. And as we all know, unexpected breakdowns or failures are all too common with cars, no matter their age. 

Let’s take the case of winter road hazards, for example.   

Driving in winter poses a whole host of challenges to auto drivers. Ice, snow, poor visibility, and unfavorable road conditions are some of the main factors making winter driving a hazardous undertaking. According to a report by AAA, sloppy road conditions, poor weather, and winter storms cause about half a million crashes and over 2,000 road casualties every year. 

Slippery road conditions are the most common factor making life difficult for driving during winter. However, it becomes even worse when the ice begins to melt. During this period, the roads become uneven, and most road accidents occur during this time. Some of the common culprits are deep puddles and standing water. The trick to staying safe in such conditions is to drive as slow as possible. On slippery roads, one must be wary of hydroplaning. Car tires driving on wet roads gain more traction on an ice-thin film of water and less on the road itself. So, if one is driving above 30-35 mph, they make their vehicle dangerously vulnerable to hydroplaning.

A road fully covered with ice also comes with its own sets of hazards, especially in ice blocks and ditches. Greater traction in the tires is necessary for such conditions. However, even with all precautions, things may still go wrong. 

Winter safety programs

If you plan to drive during the winter months, you must perform winterization of your car by a certified auto repair service. You should also take other regular precautions such as using winter-weight oil, checking if the cooling system of your car’s engine has the right water to antifreeze ratio, and so on. 

Even with all the precautions in place, things may still go wrong. Cracked engine, dead battery, and broken radiators are some of the most common factors behind breakdowns during winter. This is why drivers must invest in extended warranty programs that cover these and other parts. One must also ensure that his vehicle service contract includes additional benefits such as Roadside Assistance, Trip Interruption Protection, and the like. 

Among the reputable auto warranty services that provide these protections, Veritas Global Protection is one of the best. This auto warranty service offers a whole host of different plans suitable for auto drivers with various requirements. And the best part is that most of these plans include added benefits of the like mentioned above. 

This means that even if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a winter car breakdown, Veritas Global Protection will bear the costs of overnight stays and meals. The company will provide tire change and towing services, fuel delivery, and more for local breakdowns.