Why Certified Pre-Owned Models are More Expensive than Used Mazda Cars


If you have come across a certified pre-owned model of Mazda you must have seen a fixed price tagged on it that had no scope for negotiation. Even the price could have appeared to be much more expensive than what you have expected. On the contrary, you could have offered a much lesser price against a used car model from Mazda that was put up for sales by the same dealership. If you wonder why, then we have the answers that we gathered from a dealership where they have plenty of models that are included under the caption used cars for sale Las Vegas.

Why the Difference?

The first reason that the above-mentioned dealership owner explained to us is that, a vehicle is categorized under certified pre-owned when it passes through a 150-point inspection from renowned panels of engineers. It needs to be a vehicle from the recent year of production, must be gently used and have a clean repair history to qualify and get certified as a pre-owned vehicle. All this guarantees a standard of quality, assurance of its functionality and finally makes a good appearance to make a strong impression on the buyers, which necessarily qualifies the car to get sold at a higher price, which cannot be negotiated any further.

On the other hand, the used cars that are sold without the certification as a pre-owned car need not have all these formalities fulfilled. It could also be a nice car, with everything in place, but unless it undergoes the 150-point inspection, and get duly certified by the dealership engineers, it cannot be sold under the fixed rated pre-owned category.

Financing Option

It is not very difficult to understand, that when a car is duly certified by a group of engineers from an authorized dealership, it carries a credibility that can fetch good investors and financers. So, it also gives the buyers of a certified pre-owned car the option to get the advantage of a financer, which will automatically put the car at a higher pedestal, giving it the right to call for a higher price.

On the contrary, having no such benefits, wherein the buyer of a used car will have to pay all the amount at once, will reduce the scope for the seller to ask for a higher price, even if the car is in pretty good condition. But no doubt, the used cars without a certification can provide the mass buyers a cheaper option to own a vehicle for the first time, while the certified pre-owned cars are good for those buyers who finds buying a brand new car, a little beyond their last purchasing budget.

At the dealership for used cars for sale Las Vegas, we finally realized the fact that a Mazda car, which is otherwise quite expensive when sold in factory-fresh condition, can be owned by a middle class car buyer with the same advantages and peace of mind, if he goes for a certified pre-owned model, which will be as good as new.