Why Many Car Owners Are Shifting to UV Car Window Tinting


For long, people have always considered car window tinting as a makeover to add aesthetic looks to their cars. Nonetheless, car owners are increasingly becoming aware of the noteworthy benefits that UV car window tinting offers. Consequently, the surge in demand for these applications has also led to governments stipulating specific rules to regulate the percentage and type of tint that car owners can acquire for their vehicles. All in all, why are people shifting to UV tinting? Let’s explore.

  1. Blocks UV Rays

The ability to block a considerable percentage of UV rays is the key advantage of installing a UV tint on your car’s windows. The traditional tint films were entirely cosmetic. However, the recent concerns over the adverse health risks of UV rays led to the invention of the UV-blocking tint. UV window tint has been shown to block both UVA and UVB rays effectively. UVA rays penetrate the skin to cause premature skin aging while UVB rays play a significant role in the development of sunburns and skin cancer. Accordingly, UV tint protects you from the harmful ultraviolet rays when driving, reducing risks of photoaging and adverse diseases.

  1. Preserves The Beauty of Your Car’s Interior

Installing a UV window tint will effectively protect your car interior. Exposure to UV rays can contribute significantly to the fading of your car’s seat fabrics. Besides, the high heat resulting from direct sunlight damages your car upholstery as well as cracking of some car interior’s parts due to the irregular expansion and contraction.

 Undoubtedly, preserving a stylish and beautiful interior via window tinting goes further to safeguard the resell or the trade-in value of your car. By keeping fading effects at bay, UV car window tinting also eliminates the need for replacing your car upholstery, an investment that can cost you a significant amount of money.

  1. Protection During Accidents

It’s inarguable that shattered glass account for several injuries in car accidents. Fortunately, a professionally applied tint laminates your car windows perfectly and holds the window glass together to form a sealed unit. Although the tint does not prevent breakages, it holds the glass firmly to prevent the glass pieces from being hurled at the car’s occupants. This way, you and your passengers are protected from severe cuts in case of an accident.

  1. Comfortable Interior

Whereas regular window glass filters 30% of solar heat, UV tint has been shown to cut solar heat from a car’s interior by more than 80%. The high reduction of interior temperature provides a comfortable and luxurious condition in your vehicle. Hence, the occupants enjoy the drive even when the afternoon sun is burning hot. Additionally, you won’t be required to utilize air conditioning. Consequently, you reduce fuel-consumption.

  1. Enhances Privacy

Tinting your car windows will add privacy by blocking visible light from penetrating the glass. Therefore, your valuables and car interior are kept away from intruding eyes. It also controls car thefts as it has been shown that visible items in a car motivate the crime.


Gone are the days when people tinted their car windows for look’s sake. Modern tint offers significant benefits to car owners and their passengers. Most importantly, UV car window tinting protects you from UV rays when driving. Additionally, ultraviolet shades filter solar heat and contributes to a relaxing and comfortable condition in your car as well as protecting the upholstery from fading.