Why You Buy Used Cars from Dealers


Do you know the cars? I mean, do you really know what makes the car go ahead, caress it with sweetness and slow down when asked? Most people do not do this, so if you can answer “yes” to this question, then you are in the minority and can move on to the next article.

For all of us, all this is a bit mysterious, all a bit of magic under the hood and in the cab, which causes the car to fire, and then stops without slipping on a wet road. We feel comfortable leaving the maintenance and replacement of the wear items to the car maintenance specialists, be it gas processing, tire replacement and rebalancing of the wheels, installation of sound systems and possibly, the installation from a tow hook.

So, when it comes to buying used cars in San Diego, we believe that we are mechanics and appraisers of vehicles that have the right to make quick decisions on mechanical and technical criteria that were beyond the reach of our daily tools for the maintenance of vehicles worldwide. ? Probably because we thought we could save some money buying a used car from a private seller, right? Wrong

You see, I spent a lot of time studying this topic, and I looked at the cars in the middle price category, which are available both in dealerships and in private sellers. If you ask me about this, I urge you to go and do this little exercise: 

Add the cost of replacing or repairing the following items and see if you can get the best price from a private sale or distributor:

    New tire kit

    New brake pads

    Check the shock absorbers install and replace

    New cleaners

    Air conditioning overheating

    Worthy certificate


    Full service history

    There are no chips on the windshield.

    No dents or dents

If you can find a used car from a private seller that has all of the above in order, and this is the same price or cheaper than a used car dealer, then you should jump on it, because it’s probably a good deal. But keep in mind that you must check all the boxes before buying!

Reason to buy from a dealer

You see, there is a myth that dealers that sell used cars often pay for a car, but few people take the time to influence everything a dealership does to ensure that it buys without problems. If you went to the tire shop and ordered a set of new tires, then you will have a surprise. I bet you did not take this into account in math when you accepted your private sale. And what’s worse for you, the dealer will be able to offer you savings on these tires, since they have relationships and volume discounts with most suppliers for the car trade. You would get a big discount and give it at least a part, not to mention the fact that your Saturday morning was held at the bypass centre. And do not forget the balance and the alignment of the wheels: all this is for you, but it has a discount for the distributor. The same can be said about almost all the previous points, in fact, they all add up.


As you can see, there are quite a few problems associated with the certainty that a car deserves sales, and if your time equals money, you can also buy a used car from a dealership and always negotiate the best price.